Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Android vs IOS

Android vs IOS
Since the dawn of modern day smartphones, the question whether Android is better or the IOS has constantly been in the discussions around the world. Both these platforms have their own advantages and strengths so it is easier to ask whether your needs suit Android platform or the IOS platform.
But if you consider the majority of smartphone users across the world, Android is definitely leading because it allows you to do more than what IOS allows. Unlike IOS, there are no limitations to the kind and number of apps you can download and install on your phone or tablet. It is not possible to use any app you want on IOS unless you jailbreak your phone or iPad but not everyone would be comfortable doing that. Jailbreak has some drawbacks and if you are unlucky in the process you might lose your data and worst case scenario end up corrupting your OS. So this definitely becomes an advantage for Android users as it is an open platform OS for smartphones and Tablets.
Apart from inability of using several apps on IOS the platform is expensive for users too, since most of the apps and upgrades are not free. So it is a lot cheaper to own an Android device than IOS, especially in Asian countries where owning an iPhone or an iPad is still a big deal.

The above facts do not mean IOS is bad; it is just that not everyone finds it useful and as friendly as Android. But the day IOS removes the limitations that it currently has, you will see many users shifting from Android to IOS. Until then, Android totally rocks.

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