Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Power Systems (PS), LLC which was founded in 1986 is a provider of fitness and performance products that are used in many sports and fitness industries/organizations as their preferred choice based on the quality and complete products selection, its quick response and delivery, good customer care service. Bring out and supplying of quality, innovative and durable sports and fitness equipment/accessories is the drive of Power Systems (PS), LLC. Power Systems (PS), LLC is a daughter company to Playcore. Learn more about us Power Systems (PS), LLC by visiting
Power Systems (PS), LLC provides verities of products for fitness and performance which are categorized as Strength, Cardio, Mind & body and performance.
Strength products: These are strength training product/equipment which one can use to build the body muscle and strength generally. There are verities of strength training products/equipment at which one can use to build the body muscles. Strength is important in the body to the carrying out one’s daily activities
Cardio products: At Power System, you would find varieties of Cardio exercise equipment which helps to increase the heart rate and burn calories. The use of the products from Power system which supplies varieties of Cardio exercise machines and equipment has been studied over time to have aided many clients.
Mind & Body product: Power Systems have taken into consideration the need for Mind & body training equipment as such making available products which are used in building the mind & body. These products which are used in Yago, stretching, flexibility, teaching aids helps in building the Mind & body fitness
Sports:  Power Systems offers verities of sporting training tools and equipment. These equipment aid the training of sports men and women in their generally fitness training and ability to carry out and improve their sport activities. These equipments are available for use regardless of the sport one is training for.  
Goals: The goal of Power Systems is to make available the necessary training kits and equipment for carrying out any form of fitness training or exercise.  Power Systems do not intend to sell out training kits and equipment but also with the motive of bringing out the best products for all forms of training exercises
Brands:  is an authorized dealer of some quality brands the best selections of fitness and performance kits and/or equipments which have been seen to bring out t such as Power systems, robotic, Advance fitness, Brand Bell, Body Bar, Brower timing systems and lots more which can be found in our online store at
Power Systems have won creative awards for been one of the best providers of fitness and performance products that are used in many sports and fitness industries/organizations, such as Nova7 best suppliers award three times, occupational safety and health award, best Gold’s Gym vendor award 2011. These awards were as regards to the quality customers’ services which Power Systems offers to their customers with regular and quick response and delivery of quality products and services

Orders for products are taken care of and shipped within 24hrs or 2 business days after payment. In cases where one place an order on Saturday or Sunday the order will be processed the next business day. Normally product is expected arrive in 5 to 7 business days. For other information about shipping and returns visit

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